My Effusive (but touchingly modest) Virtual Podium Speech for being HONORABLY MENTIONED by Writer’s Digest

I arrive at the front of the auditorium in my little black dress without mishap and scan the crowd of mystery fans who almost certainly haven’t read my books.

“Wow!” I gush breathlessly. “So many smiling faces. What an amazing turnout for an Honorable Mention award for genre fiction. Thanks for being here.

“My first thank-you, technically my second, I guess, goes out to the Writer’s Digest judges. I’m obviously very very pleased.” I fan my beaming face with my left hand, the one without carpel tunnel.

“Also, special thanks to the previous judge who encouraged me to rethink the cover and title. You were right. The syringe and blood spatters were a bit off putting—misleading, too. A woman’s butt in jeans is way more appealing, even if she is reaching for a Glock. And of course a mystery/suspense novel has no business in among books about smoked ham, which was where the original title, CURED…But Not Out of Danger, popped up online. WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU, The Mystery actually pairs well with the plot, while ‘The Mystery’ at the end tells you I’ve learned something about search engines in the two years since I went Independent.

“Thanks to my daughter, Robynne Graffam, my brilliant editor. She loves telling me what I’ve done wrong, and unfortunately she’s usually right.

“Thanks to my talented cover artist, Daniel Middleton of Scribe Freelance. Working with you is a pleasure, and your advice has been spot on.

“Son Casey, brave and wise, I’ve learned from you, too.

“Finally, thanks to my husband, Hench, former English teacher, head of school, and long-time football broadcaster, who has given me support of every kind and knows from experience not to criticize my work before I’m ready to hear it.

“Oh! I see my time is up. I promise to post the top two names on my website when they become available. Thanks, everybody!”

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